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My main research interests are in image processing, multi-view video analysis. Specifically, my work concerns on using motion trajectories to process video analysis.  Click on a topic below for more information.

Long-Range Motion Trajectories Extraction

This work presents a novel approach to extract reliable dense and long-range motion trajectories of articulated human in a video sequence. Compared with existing approaches that emphasize temporal consistency of each tracked point, we also consider the spatial structure of tracked points on the articulated human. We treat points as a set of vertex, and build a triangle mesh to join them in image space. The problem of extracting long-range motion trajectories is changed to the issue of consistency of mesh evolution over time.

Moving Object Detection with Moving Camera

Detection of moving object from monocular video captured by freely moving camera is a challenging problem in computer vision. Unlike most existing methods which impose significant geometric constraints or background/foreground probabilistic modeling, this paper presents a novel coarse-to-fine method based on motion compensation and adaptive thresholding to address this detection problem.

Multi-view Video Synchronization

By exploring the invariants of planar trajectories under projective transformation, we proposed a novel approach to align unsynchronized video sequences of the same dynamic scene that can be subframe accurate and is applicable for different frame rate problem.

Video Super-Resolution by Improved IBP Algorithm

We proposed an local-adaptation interpolation method for image super-resolution reconstruction. Then we discussed how the quality of initial interpolation image impact on iterative back projection (IBP) algorithm.