Useful Templates

  • This latex template works for merging multiple articles into one pdf file in Arxiv.
    • While submitting articles to Arxiv, users can follow the following procedures.
      • upload all .tex file for the first article, and the compiled file name is filename1.pdf (assuming that there are 14 pages)
      • upload all .tex file for the second article, and the compiled file name is filename2.pdf (assuming that there are 5 pages) - see the template with further instructions
      • upload the latex template [.tex]
      • example of compiled article is [pdf]

    Useful Matlab Code

    Here, I would like to introduce useful MATLAB functions that are shared online by other authors. According to my experience, these helpful functions facilitate my research work, and thanks to these authors, I would like to recommand them and provide simple instructions here. I would like to note that these functions are not implemented by me, and the copyright belongs to the original authors.

  • "Export_fig" is a very useful MATLAB function for saving figures in several format. It especially works for generating .EPS file for figures in paper.
    • "Export_fig" can be found and download from the "Mathwork" [link]. For detailed instruction, please refer to the link directly.
    • Usage:
      • (a). Extract the file and put it to specific directory. (e.g., ./export_fig/)
      • (b). Add the directory to search path (e.g., addpath('./export_fig/') )
      • (c). After greating a figure in MATLAB code(e.g., figure(1); imshow(img);), type the command "export_fig -transparent fig1.eps"
      • (d). Then, the fig1.eps file will be generated at the current working folder