Title Venue Author Type Link
1. Encoder-Decoder Graph Convolutional Network for Automatic Timed-Up-and-Go and Sit-to-Stand Segmentation ICASSP 2023 B. Wen, C. Du, T. Nguyen CNF
2. ReDirTrans: Latent-to-Latent Translation for Gaze and Head Redirection CVPR 2023 S. Jin, Z. Wang, L. Wang, N. Bi, T. Nguyen CNF
3. AMCC-Net: An Asymmetric Multi-cross Convolution for Skin Lesion Segmentation on Dermoscopic Images Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence C. Dayananda, N. Yamanakkanavar, T. Nguyen and B. Lee JNL
4. Kappa Angle Regression with Ocular Counter-Rolling Awareness for Gaze Estimation CVPR 2023 workshop S. Jin, J. Dai, T. Nguyen CNF
5. Efficacy and accuracy of artificial intelligence to overlay multimodal images from different optical instruments in patients with retinitis pigmentosa Clin Exp Ophthalmol Yassin SH, Wang Y, Freeman WR, Heinke A, Walker E, Nguyen T, Bartsch DG, An C, Borooah S JNL
6. Ambient Sleep Quality Analysis with A Machine Learning Model ICASSP 2023 workshop M. Bagci, T. Nguyen, Y. Ozturk CNF
7. Accurate Registration Between Ultra-Wide-Field and Narrow Angle Retina Images With 3D Eyeball Shape Optimization ICIP 2023 Junkang Zhang, Bo Wen, Fritz Kalaw, Melina Cavichini, Dirk-Uwe Bartsch, William Freeman, Truong Nguyen, Cheolhong An CNF
8. Embedded Deformation-based Compression for Human 3D Dynamic Meshes with Changing Topology ICCV 2023 Workshop Huong Hoang, Kunyao Chen, Truong Nguyen, Pamela Cosman CNF
9. Robust AMD Stage Grading with Exclusively OCTA Modality Leveraging 3D Volume ICCV 2023 Workshop Haochen Zhang, Anna Heinke, Carlo Miguel B. Galang, Daniel N. Deussen, Bo Wen, Dirk-Uwe G. Bartsch, William R. Freeman, Truong Q. Nguyen, Cheolhong An CNF
10. Retinal OCT layer segmentation via joint motion correction and graph-assisted 3D neural network IEEE Access Y. Wang, C. Galang, W. R. Freeman, A. Warter, A. Heinke, D. U. G. Bartsch, T. Q. Nguyen, C. An JNL
11. A Novel Learnable Orthogonal Wavelet Unit Neural Network with Perfection Reconstruction Constraint Relaxation for Image Classification VCIP 2023 An D Le, Shiwei Jin, You Suk Bae, Truong Nguyen CNF
12. Artificial intelligence for OCTA-based disease activity prediction in age-related macular degeneration Retina Anna Heinke, Haochen Zhang, Daniel Deussen, Carlo Miguel B. Galang, Alexandra Warter, Fritz Gerald Paguiligan Kalaw, Dirk-Uwe G. Bartsch, Lingyun Cheng, Cheolhong An, Truong Nguyen, William R. Freeman M.D, JNL
13. Ultra-Wide Field and New Wide Field Composite Retinal Image Registration with AI-enabled Pipeline and 3D Distortion Correction Algorithm Eye Fritz Gerald Kalaw, Melina Cavichini, Junkang Zhang, Bo Wen, Andrew Lin, Anna Heinke, Truong Nguyen, Cheolhong An, Dirk-Uwe Bartsch, Lingyun Cheng, William Freeman JNL
14. View-Invariant Center-of-Pressure Metrics Estimation With Monocular RGB Camera IEEE Transactions on Multimedia Chen Du, Sarah Graham, Colin Depp, Truong Nguyen JNL