Title Venue Author Type Link
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4. SM3D: Simultaneous Monocular Mapping and 3D Detection ICIP 2021 R. Li, T. Nguyen CNF
5. Mesh Completion with Virtual Scans ICIP 2021 K. Chen, F. Yin, B. Wu, B. Du and T. Nguyen CNF
6. Project in a Box: Self-Contained Instructional Hands-on Kits for Electrical Engineering Outreach ASEE 2021 P. Truong, N. Stein and T. Nguyen CNF
7. Virtual Technical & Professional Development Program for ECE Internship Preparation ASEE 2021 P. Truong, K. Morris, N.Stein, K. Hsieh, R. Patel, F. Nafarifad, C. Du, K. Nguyen and T. Nguyen CNF
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10. Using Machine Learning to Predict Frailty from Cognitive Assessments EMBC 2021 S. Kumar, C. Du, S. Graham and T. Nguyen CNF
11. Assessing Physical Rehabilitation Exercises using Graph Convolutional Network with Self-supervised regularization EMBC 2021 C. Du, S. Graham, C. Depp and T. Nguyen CNF
12. A CNN Segmentation-Based Approach to Object Detection and Tracking in Ultrasound Scans with Application to the Vagus Nerve Detection EMBC 2021 A. Albattal, Y. Gong, L. Xu, T. Morton, C. Du, Y. Bu, I. Lerman, R. Madhavan and T. Nguyen CNF
13. Perspective Distortion Correction for Multi-Modal Registration between Ultra-Widefield and Narrow-Angle Retinal Images EMBC 2021 J. Zhang, Y. Wang, D. G. Bartsch, W. R. Freeman, T. Q. Nguyen and C. An CNF
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16. Estimate BMI for Elderly Adults Based on Body Shape Remotely EMBC 2021 B. Dai, C. Du, S. Kumar, S. Graham and T. Nguyen CNF
17. Enhanced Depth Map Estimation in Low Light Conditions for RGB Cameras ISOCC 2021 J. Chang and T. Nguyen CNF
18. A Convolutional Neural Network Pipeline For Multi-Temporal Retinal Image Registration ISOCC 2021 C.-J. Ho, Y. Wang, J. Zhang, T. Nguyen and C. An CNF
19. Human-Inspired Camera: A Novel Camera System for Computer Vision ISOCC 2021 S. Kumar, J. Mi, Q. Zhang, B. Chang, H. Le, R. Khoshabeh, T. Nguyen CNF
20. Localizing Radio Frequency Targets Using Reinforcement Learning ROSE 2021 L. Tindall, Z. Hampel-Arias, J. Goldfrank, E. Mair, T. Nguyen CNF