Title Venue Author Type Link
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2. A Segmentation Based Robust Deep Learning Framework for Multimodal Retinal Image Registration ICASSP 2020 Y. Wang, J. Zhang, C. An, M. Cavichini, M. Jhingan, M. J. Amador-Patarroyo, C. P. Long, D. G. Bartsch, W. R. Freeman and T. Q. Nguyen CNF [ Link ]
3. Adaptive Image Coding Efficiency Enhancement using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Information Sciences H. Chen, X. He, C. An and T. Q. Nguyen JNL [ Link ]
4. Boosting Feature Matching Accuracy with Pairwise Affine Estimation IEEE Transactions on Image Processing J. Dai, S. Jin, J. Zhang and T. Nguyen JNL
5. Generating Images in Compressed Domain using Generative Adversarial Networks IEEE Access B. Kang, S. Tripathi and T. Nguyen JNL
6. Artificial Intelligence for Automated Overlay of Fundus Camera and Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope Images Translational Vision Science & Technology M. Cavichini, C. An , D. Bartsch, M. Jhingan, M. Amador-Patarroyo, C. Long, J. Zhang, A. Chan, S. Madala, T. Nguyen, and W. Freeman JNL
7. Screen-space Regularization on Differentiable Rasterization 3DV 2020 K. Chen, C. An and T. Nguyen CNF
8. Study on Correlation between Subjective and Objective Metrics for Multimodal Retinal Image Registration IEEE Access Y. Wang, J. Zhang, M. Cavichini, D. G. Bartsch, W. R. Freeman, T. Q. Nguyen and C. An JNL
9. IENet: Internal and External Patch Matching ConvNet for Web Image Guided Denoising IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology H. Yue, J. Liu, J. Yang, X. Sun, T. Q. Nguyen and F. Wu JNL