Title Venue Author Type Link
1. Camera-Aware Multi-Resolution Analysis for Raw Image Sensor Data Compression IEEE Trans. on Image Processing Y. Lee, K. Hirakawa, and T. Nguyen JNL [IEEE Xplore]
2. Depth Adaptive Deep Neural Network for Semantic Segmentation IEEE Trans. on Multimedia B. Kang, Y. Lee, and T. Nguyen JNL [IEEE Xplore]
3. Patch Matching for Image Denoising Using Neighborhood-based Collaborative Filtering IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology S. Parameswaran, E. Luo, and T. Q. Nguyen JNL [IEEE Xplore]
4. Accurate and Efficient Video De-fencing using Convolutional Neural Networks and Temporal Information ICME 2018 C. Du, B. Kang, Z. Xu, J. Dai, and T. Nguyen CNF
5. DPW-SDNet: Dual Pixel-Wavelet Domain Deep CNNs for Soft Decoding of JPEG-Compressed Images CVPRW 2018 H. Chen, X. He, L. Qing, S. Xiong, T. Q. Nguyen CNF
6. Pyramid Structured Optical Flow Learning with Motion Cues ICIP 2018 J. Dai, S. Huang, T. Nguyen CNF