Students in the Video Processing Lab actively pursue a diverse array of research topics. A list of current research topics is provided below.

Research Topic Student Link
Multi agent reinforcement learning Lucas Tindall [ project ]
Object detection in ultrasound imaging Abdullah Albattal [ project ]
Feature matching, Gaze estimation Shiwei Jin [ project ]
Retina OCT Angiography Images Classification Haochen Zhang [ project ]
Past Research Topic Student Link
Video analysis with deep learning Chen Du [ project ]
Fall risk identification, Depth estimation Shubham Kumar [ project ]
Multi-Temporal Image Registration Jerry Ho [ project ]
Synthetic data generation with Unity Hao Le [ project ]
Multimodal retinal image registration Yiqian Wang [ project ]
Gaze estimation Tongji Luo [ project ]
Tennis serve classification Aiman Jabaren [ project ]
Find dense correspondences with deep learning Ji Dai [ project ]
Machine learning, sparse recovery, signal processing Igor Fedorov [ project ]
Image processing, computer vision Yeejin Lee [ project ]
Semantic segmentation Byeongkeun Kang [ project ]
Semantic video segmentation Subarna Tripathi [ project ]
Depth Data Reconstruction from Sparse Samples
: Representation,Reconstruction, and Sampling
Lee-Kang Liu [ project ]
Robust Tracking and Mapping with a Handheld RGB-D Camera Kyoung-Rok Lee [ project ]
Moving Object Detection with Moving Camera Yuanyuan Wu [ project ]
3D Video Compression Can Bal [ project ]
[ paper ]
Depth based image stitching Jason Juang [ project ]
Multi-array Camera Disparity Enhancement Zucheul Lee [ project ]
Photonics Signal Processing Yujia Wang